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Empowerment Series with  Jef Welch and hosted by Mario Brown . 
Thursday Nights @ 10:00pm EDT
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Don't experiment on your own success or the success of your friends you've brought into your business. Learn how to SUSTAIN a substantial residual income with a SYSTEM that will duplicate, take the pressure off of you and your team, cause more people in your team to stay on track and have more people achieving full-time income in this business.
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After receiving private mentoring from Jef Welch, I am earning more than $15K per month and it's growing." t.f.

 Private Mentoring by Jef Welch

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Are you a Network Marketing Orphan? The truth is that most distributors in the Network Marketing profession are “Orphans.” The majority of individuals who join a direct-selling company are literally on their own, without direction or guidance from the person who convinced them to invest their time and money into the business opportunity...and we call these people “Network Marketing Orphans.”  Don’t be an orphan. The Global Prosperity Marketing Team of international professionals is here to assist you with Start-Up, Intermediate, Advanced, and Highly Advanced Training.

Global Prosperity Marketing - Leadership in International Network Market DevelopmentGlobal Prosperity Marketing is a Team of Network Marketing professionals positioned in countries around the world. Jef Welch, the founder and visionary of GPMTeam, set the standards at a higher level of leadership integrity and the need for a strong network of highly equipped mentors in the profession. Noticing the extreme amount of distributors throughout the world attempting to build their network marketing business without the correct training (orphans), he seen the need for a mentor development system.

This system, known as the Sustained Prosperity System, has been designed by Jef Welch to equip distributors with the correct self-programming to assure their ultimate success. A distributor simply would need to follow the duplicable methods customized for their success. The Sustained Prosperity System is being utilized by many of the most successful international distributors of which they attribute their success to the system and team approach.

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