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Make Your Business Successful In 90 Days

By: Jef Welch
Turn your business into a success in 90 days or less....

How To Have A Successful Network Marketing Business in 90 Days

Most people in the Network Marketing profession fail at it because they don’t have a system or the knowledge to succeed. It has been said that the top 3% make 80% of the money. They must have a secret, right?

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OMG!!! Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

By: Jef Welch
How do you respond to this question?

I walked into a restaurant in Orlando in one of the convention center hotel lobbies, sat down by myself thinking I would just get away from the crowd for a short time. At the table next to me was two ladies who were obviously at the same event I was attending, the ANMP (Association of Network Marketing Professionals). Yes I overheard them talking about the event, and knowing they were young newbys in the Network Marketing business, I decided to play a little trick on them. 
I acted oblivious. I asked them, "Are you here for a convention or something?" Their enthusiastic response was both of them talking over each other saying an overwhelming "yes." Then I came back with the line...... "Isn't that one of those pyramid schemes?" You should have seen the look on their faces change from enthusiastic to slightly nervous, mumbling answers from both of them and neither of them were giving me the same answer as the other one. It was exactly the response I expected. 
Most people in an MLM business have faced with this objective response and it's not the easiest thing to rebut. They had no clue who I was and that I had spent a great part of my life in the profession of Network Marketing, and yes I played along to see how deep they would dig the hole. Then my good friend, Tom Chenault walked up and told the two ladies, "Don't let that guy fool you, he's a superstar in this industry." I looked at Tom in the eye and smiled as the two ladies knew they had been suckered in by one of my role-playing mentor lessons that I pull on people all the time. 
pyramid scheme
The assumption or presumption that the business of Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme is not a correct perception or fact. In fact, most of the time people are programmed to think these things when they say those things. Remember..... most of the time when people say something, it's "why they're saying it" not "what they're saying" that you need to address. So here is how I respond. 
Prospect: "Isn't that one of those pyramid schemes?"
Me: "No, but might I ask why you would assume that?"
Prospect: "I don't know. It just sounds like one of them."
Me: "Yeah, I understand. I know some people are careful who they do business with and they should. I'm glad our company is licensed, has products which are approved in every country we go into, and has corporate attorneys to assure our company and all it's representatives have a legitimate business model that doesn't do anything to break any laws."
Prospect: "That sounds good. I just don't want to be part of a scam."
Me: "I don't either. I have my own reputation to protect. Me and you are on the same page. I appreciate you asking that question by the way. There are scam artists in every type of business out there. Look what happened with Enron, and many of the banks just a few years ago. By the way, when you get involved in this business with me, I'll help you understand it better so you will be good at it."
Prospect: (Feels your empathy) "I appreciate that...."
Now notice how I immediately respond with a question when asked a question. Why is this important with this subject? Because most people who ask this question, "Is that one of those pyramid schemes?," is basically programmed to ask that and they don't even know what a pyramid scheme is. They have a perception and perception becomes reality to people in their programming. 
There is such a thing as a pyramid scheme. It is a legal term relating to laws which have been created to describe an illegal act and structure within the way a company operates outside the legal boundaries, usually seen as a money-game. Most all companies that attempt to get by with this are based outside the USA in third world countries and spread their schemes around the globe as quickly as they can. The USA has strict laws to adhere by and most companies that attempt such illegal activity in the USA will be sited by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) immediately and are placed under a sanction by the Attorney General of whichever state they are charged with first. 
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Why Smart People With Egos Aren't Good To Have On Your Strategy Team

By: Jef Welch
Diversify Your Core Team Of Strategist

Most people assume strategy is something that should be exclusive to extremely smart people, those that are on the genius level or academically proven. It is true that smart people are attracted to the development of strategy, but does not mean they are naturally good at strategy. 

Why is strategic planning difficult for smart people? It’s simple and you’ll understand as you read through this article. Smart people are accustomed to making decisions, finding answers and solutions. Strategy, on the other hand, is not an exact science, and requires choices to be made about an uncertain future. It’s impossible to actually know the correct answer when predicting the future or to discover an exclusivity within one correct answer. Strategy works within a different guideline other than absolutes. Strategy works within the realm of “what-ifs” and falls within the objective of guiding the way the future transpires instead of predicting it.

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Smart People And Strategy


5 Ways To Instill Passion In Your Organization

By: Jef Welch
5 Ways To Instill Passion Into Your Organization

We all know that it is difficult to define or to measure passion within a company or an organization but there are ways to create it. Read the article and see what you're doing correctly or incorrectly. But first, check your attitude because a bad attitude from the boss or from the leader who is looked up to within an organization can set the temperature of any organization. Enough said about that...... I'm sure you understand that without going into to so much detail. 
 sps passion blog
Let the people in your organization show their emotions. 
Expression and freedom to show true transparency is extremely important to each individual in any organization. It's healthy. However, adaquate coaching must be taught to assure guidelines are adhered to regarding professinalism in business, and how to remain positive. Most people join a Network Marketing business on an emotional decision. In fact, approximately 80% of all representatives sign up in a Network Marketing company without any knowledge of the business, but are emotionally connected. If a company or product line doesn't have an emotional attachment which strongly holds onto the hearts of the brand partners, the company is merely based on money and not uniqueness in product or company. 
Choose Passionate people to work with.
Those who are passionate about their involvement in your business, or about the product are going to be the best leaders within any organization. You will never gain substantial growth within an organization without passionate leaders. The greatest passion of all is when a leader has the passion to lead, and to help others. A leader who has passion only for their own interests will eventually fail in the business of Network Marketing. The greatest leaders understand the powerful impact passion has, and the best passion of all is evident within an organization which sees the need for strong directive and coaching. Those who will achieve the most will have a combination of passion and pride in becoming a leader. Network Marketing is a leadership factory.
Find the flames and fan the flames. 
I've always said, "The leader who finds the stars within his/her organization, recognizes the fire of a specific leader or leaders, and pulls those people close to him/her, will have tremendous results." Why is this? You MUST spend 80% of your time on those who make you 80% of your success. Most Networkers get this backwards. They spend 80% of their time trying to get those who aren't achieving to wake up and catch up. This will kill your business. Give everyone a chance, support all within a general level, but pull your top achievers close to you and fan the flames of the fire they have become. Take the stars within your organization and create galaxies. This then becomes a universe of empowerment which, if managed correctly, will create a substantial, unstoppable team.
Don't sedate your Stars by taking away their passion.
Learn to lead by encouragement, empowerment, edification, transformation, and servitude. Strong leaders are important. They may challenge your own personal will. You may feel they have the ability to out-shine your own personal leadership skill level. If this is the case, you may have that winner you should embrace and bring very close to your core advisory team and encourage that person to excel in their leadership and freedoms to achieve. Don't throw cold water on their passion. Appreciate them. However it is imperative to assure they are not working against you and the system in place. Embracing such a leader is the only way you will assure this will happen correctly. Find a way to bring out creativity and edify their efforts, their ideas, their charisma, and take the initiative to be the leader who understands the empowerment process. Every true leader surrounds himself/herself with people who are stronger than they are themselves.