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No Thanks! It Looks Like A Pyramid Scheme

By: Jef Welch
No Thanks! It Looks Like A Pyramid Scheme

pyramid scheme   
     The Network Marketing Profession has been referred to as a "Pyramid Scheme" by those who aren't well educated in the business world and who have been influenced by people who have a misconception of the business model of Network Marketing. The truth is.....there are "good" and "bad" in every industry, including banking, annuity trading, automobile industry, oil industry, and many others including the ministry. Network Marketing isn't any different.
     When someone asks you the question, "Isn't that a 'Pyramid Scheme?" You should respond......, "Not at all. Our business represents over a $100 Billion/annual business globally, and has laws defining how it is to operate and conduct business. Yes...there are some people in our industry just like other industries, which try to break the rules. However, our company is recognized as a legitimate legally run business and we are proud to be a part of it."
(BTW.....every business, government, etc. is structured in the shape of a pyramid. However, that does not make it a pyramid or an illegal pyramid scheme.)


Mentors Can Sometimes Be Rotten Apples

By: Jef Welch

Mentors Can Sometimes Be Rotten Apples

“One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel” is a saying that has been used to depict the negative influence of one individual powerful enough to corrupt a group of individuals. This saying is a truism used for centuries so I suppose it’s appropriate for me to use this phrase to illustrate a point.

First of all let’s make one thing very clear……..there are rotten apples in practically every profession on the planet. We have seen this is car dealers, bankers, contractors, venture capitalists, and even ministers. It’s everywhere…….even in Network Marketing. So what is the answer? It’s simple so keep reading and don’t stop till you have read my entire blog.