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The System that Works (Part 1 & 2)

By: Jef Welch
Nurturing vs. Selling

The System That Works (Part 1)The System That Works (Part 2)









Jef shares the facts about "why' you need to stick with a system to build your Networking business. The salesperson mentality is not going to win you the success in this business. You must learn to nurture, to do things a certain way, to duplicate and to be cautious of what "not" to do. Allow Jef's confidence to create a sense of security in your ability to create your ability to become self-sufficient and financially free. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 as you will become convinced of this simple principle.

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Leading with Diversity

By: Jef Welch
The smart approach to network marketing

Leading with Diversity

Are you building your team with the smart approach? Obviously many in the profession are clueless as to how this simple mistake can keep them from being one of the top leaders in our business.

Jef Welch has experienced traveling the world in the Network Marketing business and has had the opportunity to mix in with almost every type of culture you would imagine. He has eaten food most people wouldn’t eat, took horse and carriage rides through old world countries, and walked the streets and alleys that many would fear to walk. He has seen the poorest to the richest.