How does your past effect you?

By: Jef Welch
Remember your past but refuse to live there

One of the most powerful things I've learned from my friends in Japan, is to carry a solemn respect for the past, the history and path which has brought us to this point in time of which we currently live. Those of us in the United States seem to be living in the future, while the people in Japan have an art of understanding the past and balancing the meaning of it's memories, it's moments, the fact that destiny isn't just the future, but also all the details of their history, generation after generation.
past behind
With our lack of respect and sensitivity for the past and it's meaning, our lack of creating a balance of the past, current and future, we tend to have a distorted impact from the imbalance. This is seen globally in many cultures. There are memory cells in our brains which carry not only the information of the past, but also the emotional attachment to those memories. These emotions, left unaddressed, not directed, and therefore no actual closure to these emotions can impact every aspect of your life.
Another way the past can impact a persons life is by the earlier years of programming, good or bad, by parents, by dramatic events, in ways that determine how we believe spiritually, that help determine our securities and insecurities, develop our personalities, and may also help decide whether we succeed or fail.
Most people decide every step of thier lives based on their earlier years, instead of actually thinking outside the box of their programming.
Don't live in the past......respect it, learn from it, and be in control of your mind, instead of your mind being in control of you. Allow yourself to see the world without seeing it as you see yourself in a mirror. The world isn't you. The world is yours. It's yours to explore. If all you see is what you are programmed to be, you will miss out on all the wonderful gifts it has for you to claim as your happiness and your ability to have a fulfilled life.

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