Jef Welch, Mentor to MillionairesJef Welch, known as The Mentor, specializes in speaking and training in the network marketing profession, help leaders develop a higher level of success for themselves and their team, coaching them to understand the dynamics of using easy, simple methods to achieve their goals.

With over 3 decades of international experience and success in the profession of Network Marketing, Jef has mentored many of the top-income-earners in the profession.    He has also built teams in more than 23 countries around the world in Network Marketing.

Jef Welch has been a professional speaker since 1985, dedicating his life to the Psychology of simplicity and duplication.
“Network Duplication: To lead a large group of people, to consistently do a few simple actions,  over a sustained period of time.” ~ Jef Welch

Jef’s philosophy is simple. He believes there are hundreds of thousands of distributors in network marketing who are desperate to know what to do, and he provides the Sustained Prosperity System “How To Be A Professional Mentor in Network Marketing” training for both groups and private individuals. Knowing there are millions of people who are basically left as “orphans” and not given the correct training they need to win, Jef has an extreme passion for their success therefore he provides “basic” and “advanced” training to serious leaders around the world.

Jef Welch, the C.E.O. of Global Prosperity Marketing, has developed an international team of leadership who pride themselves as the Global Prosperity Marketing Team.

Jef is internationally recognized as the Mentor to Millionaires, creating the Sustained Prosperity System, “Start-Up Training,” and “Advanced Mentorship Training,” coaching in North and Central America, Russia, Europe, S.E. Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and also through his webinars his mentor training has reached every country in the world.

Jef is known to be direct, a very strong personality, giving advice which is not always easy to swallow. He takes the success of everyone he mentors very seriously and is not willing to compromise the intensity of their success and their future prosperity. In other words, he is quick to point out when his proteges get off track from the system.

Jef has integrated his knowledge in global economic trends, the psychological impact of generational differences, and the uniqueness of cultural diversity as it relates to the many factors which effect strategic behaviors in the domestic and international markets.

Jef is the father of 3 children, his oldest daughter is in the medical field, one former Army soldier, his son, returned from the war in Afghanistan, and a young daughter who is extremely smart and enjoys drama, music and dance. Jef is also the proud grandparent of two beautiful grandchildren.

Jef Welch, C.E.O., Global Prosperity Marketing, LLC, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jef.welch

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