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Mentoring-in-Motion - Care


I heard a publisher today talk about how important it is to write so that your reader is seeing themselves within what they’re reading. 

The common trait of caring isn’t just caring about the people you come in contact with, and it’s not just about caring for your team. It’s about those that “care” about life, family, career, their beliefs and standards and everything that encompasses their lives. 

When the traits of integrity, compassion, honesty, and focus come to mind, they’re all encapsulated by under the umbrella that you actually care about everything and being your best in your space. 

Those are the people you can trust. Those are the ones who build big teams. Those are the ones that create a safe place of environment and belonging. 

If you care about something and it may be new territory, but you know it’s worth your sacrifice to push beyond your own knowledge, you may just be that one who is capable of gathering those around you. If you care. You will have the respect. 

A book which is written with the reader feeling they are envelopes within the pages is a book you’ll read and feel. 

Win your team by being the book they’re reading about themselves and not you.