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Mentoring-in-Motion - Who Was Your Superhero?

Who Was Your Superhero?

Did you “dream” of flying like Superman, swim like Aquaman, have the strength of Wonder Woman? Lift trucks like the Hulk? Swing from building to building pretending to be Spider-Man? 

Remember when you use to dream? 

I was driving my sports car years ago, not driving fast, just cruising down the highway enjoying being behind the steering wheel. 

As I passed a family in a Dodge minivan I saw 2 little children in the back seat with their faces glued to the window, eyes wide open watching my sports car go by. They were dreaming. Wow look at that car….

The father driving the minivan glanced over as well but his countenance wasn’t the face of happiness. His wife was holding a little dog, in her own world. 

What’s my point?

The father used to dream. We all did. Life, circumstances, changed his dreams into the reality of his choices and decisions. It happens to all of us. 

When we were children we believed practically anything is possible. But what happened?

We find out Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Fairy God Mother doesn’t exist. We go to school, graduate, get a job, and realize it’s nothing like it was when we were 6 year old dreamers. 

We get married, have kids, get a dog and buy a minivan, realizing fairy tails are simply not true, therefore there’s just no reason to dream. We quit dreaming. 

If there’s one thing I try to do when helping people, it’s helping them to dream again, to believe in themselves, to take the leaps to become more than just whatever life hands them. 

I love my children and I’ve constantly encouraged them to dream, to reach for the stars, to have the mindset of confidence. I’ve always instilled into them the same thing my parents instilled into me. 

“You can do anything you set your mind to do.” ~Mom

Maybe it’s time to break free, to use your imagination, live your dream. Don’t chase your dream. Live your dream. 

As you read this, remembering your childhood superhero, could you feel it? Could you feel the dream?